Spécialité (Major) Vision et Machines Intelligentes

The SIP team is leading a Master degree in Computer Sciences of the Université Paris Cité, established in 2005, and is particularly involved in a Major on imaging sciences, computer vision and intelligent devices (Master VMI).

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The scientific objective of the course is to provide students with strong imaging skills with a thorough knowledge of the theoretical and practical mechanisms to process with the main media and their impact in the fields of both research and industry. This training is multidisciplinary by essence and the students will acquire the fundamentals of image analysis ranging from data acquisition to the recognition / extraction of patterns and those of "knowledge engineering" (i.e. ontologies, intelligence encomics, index processes) that may provide support to the management of plurimedia contents. The concepts of business intelligence, enterprise-defense service will also put forward particularly to raise awareness of the need to protect information assets.

Professional openings

One objective of this specialization is to prepare some students for the PhD thesis in the research domains of the LIPADE laboratory but also to offer to all job opportunities in numerous companies. The achieved level is the designer engineers, project managers, R&D engineers. Among the areas covered include electronic publishing, audiovisual, management of multimedia information systems, design and verification of multimedia protocols, the image processing and biometrics. In the fields of healthcare, remote sensing, technical document, the amount of imaging data is growing rapidly providing numerous industrial needs. The use of mobile phones and the Web multiply the areas for potential applications.

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